Eric Benny Bloom(trumpet)and Ryan Zoidis(saxophone) are grammy award winning members of the international touring, funk power house musical group, “Lettuce”.

Their love for wine developed over the past 5 years with Ryan residing in Portland, ME(2018 Restaurant city of the year Bon Appetite link), and Bloom in a culinary mecca, New Orleans, LA.

In 2014, wine super heroes Peter and Orenda Hale, opened Maine and Loire, a wine shop focused on low intervention wines from Europe and the U.S. Ryan soon became a fixture there, and after his first experience with “natural wine”, and he brought a couple bottles with him to the next show.

Those first few bottles put them on a quest for wines with that certain energy and rawness that sparked a flame inside them much like music did when they were much younger. Little did they know how challenging it would be to find many of these wines around the country. As they began to become more familiar with certain producers and importers of low intervention wines, it became a passionate hobby for them while home an on the road. Getting a chance to constantly try new and exciting wines while meeting different producers, importers and wine lovers along the way. 

One of their closest friends Ben Baruch, creator of the artist management company, 11e1even Group(Big  Gigantic, Oteil Burbridge, Twiddle, Eric Krasno) was never able to drink wine due to a sulfites allergy. Benny & Zoidis introduced Ben to low intervention wines which had no negative effect on Ben. This sparked his love affair with wine and prompted him to want to be involved with the company so at that moment, became the third member of the company. 

The band would continue to grow in Colorado and they found themselves spending more and more time there. Realizing the wine selection was limited to what they became accustomed to at home, they were inspired to move to Denver, CO and change that. 

Encouraged by friends and seasoned veterans of the Denver food and beverage world Mary Wright, & Mclain Hedges to start a small distribution company, they created “Benny & Zoid Selections” with the main goal of bringing in exciting wines that currently have no home in the state of Colorado.