BENNY & ZOID SELECTIONS is passionate about two things: wine & music. We strongly believe that when you combine different art forms they create an experience that's greater than the sum of its parts. 

For the first time ever we cannot physically bring people together to share the joy of music and wine. So we are bringing the experience to your doorstep. 

Every Wednesday at 7:00pm MT, we will spotlight two wines from a new winemaker and host virtual tastings with that winemaker. 

But that's not all...the wine tasting will turn into a jam session with live music created by DIFFERENT MUSICIANS, improvised based on the unique aspects of each wine (aromatics, texture, body). There is no better way to taste wine than to feel it through music. 

Click the link below to order the wines direct to your doorstep from our partners at Proper Pour (we ship nation-wide). Each Wednesday we will share a link to tune in to the tasting and music experience.